Film Foto Forever

Everything in old school photography

Founded in 1980, we specialize in professional photographic equipment, especially all film cameras built before 1976. Our mission is to preserve and promote the use of non-digital, fully mechanical cameras and the art of black and white film processing as well as silver halide printing. 

Ken Toda studied camera repair in the early 1970s through National Camera Correspondence courses, based in Englewood, Colorado. Ken was also a member of professional organizations such as the Society of Photo Technologists (SPT) and the National Association of Photo Equipment Technicians (NAPET) through the 1980s and 1990s. During the 1980s and 90s, photo equipment repair was an important service to professional photographers, although our main business was a full service color lab. We have teamed up with skilled machinists, electricians, and wood craftsmen, in order to maintain quality photofinishing services to professional photographers. Because of Ken’s love for cameras and all photography related gear, he has continued these relationships with these friends and colleagues to help maintain and repair his extensive collection of over 1000 cameras. Please note that we specialize in fully mechanical cameras, especially those built before 1976. Please note; We do not check in nor work on modern digital cameras. Also, those cameras equipped with micro processors (which require battery) to operate, we have very limited capacity to repair or restore them.

Repair Pricing

Please note that the $45.00 bench fee includes a thorough assessment of your camera for a diagnosis of what needs to be repaired. This will be credited to the final bill if you choose to have the repairs made. If any repairs need to be made that will be in excess of $95.00, we will contact you first before we proceed with the repairs. Shipping and handling is NOT included in the above prices.