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Founded in 1980, we specialize in professional photographic equipment, especially all film cameras built before 1976. Our mission is to preserve and promote the use of non-digital, fully mechanical cameras and the art of black and white film processing as well as silver halide printing. 

The Great Stanley Kubrick

Much like Dennis Hopper, Stanley Kubrick got his start as a film photographer. In 1946, at the age of 18, he was the youngest staff photographer at LOOK! Magazine. Later on, when he became known as a famous director, he credited his time as a still photographer for developing his great "eye" for setting up, and filming the scenes in his movies. The full article and a gallery of his work can be found here.



Mr. Kubrick was also a technical genius. In 1966, Carl Zeiss designed a 50mm f 0.7 lens, of which they only built 10. NASA bought 6 of these lenses for the Apollo Project, Carl Zeiss kept 1 and Stanley Kubrick bought the other 3. Here is an article detailing the conversion process to adapt the lens to a BNC movie camera. With this lens, Kubrick filmed scenes lit only by candle light in the film Barry Lyndon! 


If you have a lot of money to throw around, you can even rent the lens here. If you don't want to rent this awesome lens, but want to learn more about the great Stanley Kubrick and his still and film photography legacy, check out this biography by Vincent LoBrutto.