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Founded in 1980, we specialize in professional photographic equipment, especially all film cameras built before 1976. Our mission is to preserve and promote the use of non-digital, fully mechanical cameras and the art of black and white film processing as well as silver halide printing. 

Welcome to Film Foto Forever

Welcome to! Although this is a new website, we have been around for 35 years. If you are local to the Piedmont Triad, you may have known us as HUEMAX. We were a professional, full service photo finishing lab. Due to the advent of digital photography and the decline of film photography, we were no longer able to provide photo finishing services. Now we are reborn! We are focusing on providing a professional dark room and studio for your use. We plan on offering several classes related to the art and science of black and white film photography and black and white film processing and printing. We are also selling professional film cameras and related photographic equipment, specializing in fully mechanical film cameras. Please check back often for updates on classes and available cameras and gear for sale. Thank You!