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Founded in 1980, we specialize in professional photographic equipment, especially all film cameras built before 1976. Our mission is to preserve and promote the use of non-digital, fully mechanical cameras and the art of black and white film processing as well as silver halide printing. 

About Film Foto Forever

After 35 years, HUEMAX  is reborn! As some of you may know, HUEMAX was a full service, professional color and black and white film lab. One year after having to close down our color lab, we are setting off in a new direction. We have remodeled our color lab into a fully stocked and functional B&W darkroom. This facility is ready for film-silver photo enthusiasts, who want to shoot FILM to make silver B&W prints. This is an important step to preserve classic film photography that has been a fine art for over 125 years!


The history of the camera can be traced all the way back to the Camera Obscura, which dates back to the ancient Greeks and Chinese. The Camera Obscura evolved into Daguerreotypes and Calotypes, which evolved into Dry Plates. Dry Plates led to George Eastman and Kodak to popularize celluloid film. With the invention of film, Oskar Barnack invented the first popular 35 mm camera for Ernst Leitz and Leica. As cameras and photography continued to evolve, instant photography became popular with the use of Polaroid cameras. Rangefinders, TLR’s (Twin Lens Reflex) and SLR’s (Single Lens Reflex) cameras were all very popular and led to the digital cameras we have today. From a simple wooden box with nothing more than a small pinhole to capture light to today’s state of the art digital cameras with 50 megapixel sensors, photography has come a long way. Here at Film Foto Forever, we have a passion for fully mechanical cameras. These cameras rely on springs, gears, cams, linkages and various other mechanical parts to capture images on film. These classic cameras do not rely on batteries or computer chips to create images. These cameras are fully mechanical, wonderfully engineered and built to last a life time. Some of these cameras may contain either a solar or battery powered light meter. Even if the light meter ceases to work, the rest of the camera is still able to fully function and capture a wonderful image. We hope to share our love and passion for these classic cameras with you!

About Ken Toda

Ken Toda was trained and educated as professional photographer majoring in Photojournalism and Commercial photography. In addition to his college degree in photography education from Elon University, He also studied photofinishing. His first job was a TSR (Technical Service Representative) at one of the worlds most advanced photofinishing manufacturers in Japan. He is also a  PMA Certified Photofinishing Engineer, which he completed in 1985.  As a freelance photographer, Ken has mastered the use of a wide range of professional cameras and photographic equipment including, 35 mm SLR's, Rangefinders, medium format cameras and large format cameras from 4"x5" all the way up to 8"x10". As you can see, Mr. Toda has a love and passion for all things film photography related.